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'The Beginners Series' Restore and More Yoga

F I R M △ F O U N D A T I O N S

If your 2019 goal is to join a regular yoga class, or just take some time out to breathe ↠ The Beginners Series will teach you everything you need to know to get started with your practice.

Over the course of this 10 week series, Gemma from Restore & More Yoga + Lucy from Sage & Soul Yoga will hold a safe space to guide you through foundational movements + sequences, breathing techniques + common language so that you gain the confidence to establish a home practice + progress onto a mixed ability class. You will also benefit from our combined teachings + knowledge.

There are far reaching benefits­­ of a regular yoga practice ↡

☆ All round fitness
☆ Stress relief
☆ Improved immunity
☆ Increased energy
☆ Weight loss
☆ Better flexibility & posture
☆ Inner peace
☆ Enriched relationships
☆ Enhanced Intuition
☆ Greater awareness

While this course is primarily aimed at beginners, it will also be a valuable tool to reconnect with the foundations if you’d like to improve + inform your existing practice.

Course Dates | 5th Feb - 9th April 2019
Course Times | 5:45 - 6:45 PM
Course Investment | £80 for 10 Weeks

To begin your yoga adventure book below ↡


Wellbeing Wishes ✨

Gemma & Lucy


Every Wednesday in the hall.

Doors open 6.30pm for eyes down at 7.30pm. Teas/Coffee/Snacks available before and during the interval.

Warm welcome to all. Weekly prize money + jackpot with prize Bingo’ s at Easter and Christmas

Contact: Diane Woolston – 01366 500798

Car Boot Sale & Cafe

Main Hall – monthly

Wereham Car Boot and Cafe is held on the last Sunday of every month, 9am until 1pm.
Cafe opens from 8am.

We serve Bacon Rolls, Sausage in a Roll or Egg in a Roll. There is always plenty of tea and coffee on offer. A Children’s Playground and a warm and friendly atmosphere within the village hall.

In better weather we have tables inside and outside of the hall. £5 per pitch/table. Dates for 2019 are 27th January, 24th February, 31st March, 26th May, 30th June, 28th July, 25th August, 29th September, 27th October and 24th November. For all enquiries about the above please

Contact: Philip on 01366 501330 or 07759033492 e-mail rosemary.pease@btinternet.com  

Foot Clinic

Steve Jones will be holding a foot clinic in the Village Hall next sessions are Monday 8th  and Tuesday 9th of April  10am until 2pm.  The clinic will return twice a month.

For an appointment please call Steve on 07837 506 906

Learning New Skills

If you would like to learn a new skill, we’re delivering exciting new learning activities in conjunction with Adult Education with a programme from February 2019.  See our events here for new courses available.

To find out more or to register your interest contact Sue Smith on 01366 501224 or email sue.nutkin@gmail.com

Line Dancing

Every Thursday morning 9.30am – 11am

Ron will be teaching from Absolute beginner up to easy Improver level, starting very easy at the beginning of the lesson. Just come along to give it a go and enjoy dancing to all gender of music mainly country.

Ron has been line dancing 25yrs and been a qualified instructor since 2006 under BWDA2000

£5 per class. Bring your own drinks and wear sensible shoes.

Any queries call Ron on 01406 350732 or 07554 008221

Parish Council

Wereham Parish Council meets in the Community Room. For more information about the council and when they meet please visit their website.

Any enquiries contact Helen Richardson, Parish Clerk. Email werehampc@gmail.com

Tel 07785006811
Website:  werehamparishcouncil.co.uk


Every Tuesday morning 9.30 – 10.30am.

Improve posture, core strength and balance. Increase flexibility and improve muscle tone. Improve joint mobility and circulation. Relieve stress and tension. Adaptable for all fitness levels – all you need is a mat and water bottle.

£5.00 per class

Contact Christine Rust for more information: 07796 102677 or christineannrust@yahoo.co.uk

Pop-Up Cafe

Our Pop-up Café ‘pops-up’ in the main hall on the first and third Tuesday of each month, between 10.45am and 1.00pm, providing an invaluable opportunity for local residents to get together with each other, and with those from surrounding communities, to air views on local issues, organise social activities or simply catch-up on local gossip in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

If you’re not feeling sociable that day, you’re always welcome to find yourself a quiet corner in which to sit with a freshly brewed cup of tea and a slice of cake and read the daily papers.

On offer at every Café is a choice of hot drinks, plus a selection of home-made cakes and pastries donated by members of the community, for the extremely affordable price of £1.50.

From 11.30am until closing time at 1.00pm we broaden our bill of fare by serving a nourishing and seasonally appropriate light lunch ‘dish of the day’ for an additional £2.50.  These are freshly made to order, and we seek to satisfy the needs of both carnivores and vegetarians. Previous offerings have included hot or cold soup with a freshly baked bread roll, toasted and filled panini rolls, ploughman’s lunch, omelette with a choice of fillings, fish cakes, spaghetti with a choice of sauces, kedgeree, toad-in-the-hole, stuffed giant mushrooms, baked jacket potato and cauliflower cheese.

Contact: Doreen Rolph – 01366 500218


Restore & More Yoga


Y O G A ↠ A Way of Life

Every Tuesday evening 7 – 8:15 p.m.

We all want to live well. When the sun sets on each day, it's not how much we have or how much we have accomplished that counts. What matters is how well we have participated in our own life ☽

Join Restore & More Yoga on a journey of Self Mastery as we gain the skills to choose our attitude, choose what we think + choose what we do.

Yoga's 10 principal ethics, the Yamas + Niyamas, will support us to live a more skilful life. Creating a sense of contentment that comes from our own sense of mastery in life, that no matter what life brings, we ARE ready ☆

The Yamas + Niyamas are foundational to all yogic thought. Yoga is a sophisticated system that extends far beyond the physical yoga postures; it is literally a way of LIFE.

We’ll explore together the Yamas + Niyamas over the coming weeks, weaving them into our awareness and wellness:

Ahimsa ⍒ Nonviolence
Satya ⍒ Truthfulness
Asteya ⍒ Nonstealing
Brahmacharya ⍒ Nonexcess
Aparigraha ⍒ Nonpossessiveness

Saucha ⍒ Purity
Santosha ⍒ Contentment
Tapas ⍒ Self-Discipline
Svadhyaya ⍒ Self-Study
Ishvara Pranidhana ⍒ Surrender

To master more awareness with your body + thoughts book below ↡


£80 | 10 Class Practice Pass
£9 | Pay as you Practice

Wellbeing Wishes ❁

Restore & More Yoga


Tai Chi

We are now offering a class proving popular in other areas on a Friday afternoon 12.30pm  until 1.30pm with our instructor Pete Baldwin.

No previous experience necessary, the intensity is minimal and helps to develop movement and balance along with breathing and relaxation.

If your interested come along no need to book £3 per session

For more information call Pete on 01945 700222

Village Cinema

Welcome to Wereham for your 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound cinematic experience!

Launching November 2018, we’ll be showing the latest pre-DVD releases on our 4 metre full High Definition, wide screen projection system, with multiple speakers and sub speaker. (Please note that due to licencing, the cinema system is not available for private hire).

Please click here to see latest listings.

Contact: Cliff Goddon 01366 500115 or email cgoddon@btinternet.com






Village Cinema funded by Wren


Physical and well-being activities for all ages

Lead Volunteer Jenny Simpson is creating opportunities for all ages and abilities to become physically active and improve their well-being.

Contact: Jenny Simpson – 07824 447017 or werehamwellbeing@yahoo.com


Gail Koopowitz. Yoga for Health Instructor. Fully certified with the Yoga Alliance and qualified to teach Remedial and Antenatal and Postnatal Yoga, I have many years of yoga teaching experience.

Hatha Yoga recognises that each individual is at a unique point in their own life, with their own skeletal and muscular imbalance. We work with the breath, the body and the mind and aim to practice to become more “balanced”, more aware of how we conduct ourselves, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually so that we can become more compassionate both to ourselves and others. Thus, we walk more softly and healthily on this earth, being more in tune with ourselves and others.

If you are keen to try a session please contact me so that I can find the correct class to suit your needs.

Mondays – Hatha Yoga for Health 9.30am to 11am

Contact details email: glckgail@gmail.com or telephone 07938978980


Every Wednesday from 9.30 to 10.30am
£5.00 per session

A fun dance-fitness programme with Domonique Houghton, incorporating a variety of dance rhythms to create a dynamic, exciting and effective fitness workout for all ages and abilities.

Domonique is a fully trained, qualified and experienced Zumba and Zumba Gold teacher whose aim is to make every class feel like a party.